1. arcturus88

    Reason10, feel free to rejoin , post and...

    gloat! Trump won as you predicted much to the chagrin of others on the site. He's also doing good stuff and best of all punching the PC culture in the nuts! There is no one in charge here anymore, so have at it ole boy.
  2. Ralph47

    FREE Gas For The Poor?

    Often at night I wake up and do some major thinking before getting back to sleep. I frequently try to remember my thoughts in the morning for posting here, but I hardly ever remember a thing. :confused: This morning was different; last night I got to thinking about the recent spike in gas...
  3. tecoyah

    You Are Free!

    You are free to disrespect my flag and kneel for my national Anthem. I am free to avoid any football game you are in. You are free to march for hate and bigotry. I am free to march against you and complain. You are free to not make a cake for gay people. I am free to boycott your...
  4. tecoyah are free to go!

    " Some Alaskans apparently are not opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent annexation of Crimea—in fact, they are hoping to be grabbed up next. More than 30,000 Alaskans have signed the petition “Alaska back to Russia,” pleading that the White House allow them to...
  5. F

    Syria must pay but Israel rides FREE!

    Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons. BOMB Syria but APPLAUD and Protect Israel “I will never apologize for the United States of America — I don’t care what the facts are.”…President George H. W. Bush (the father) _____________________ Yes, Mr. President ,Israelis using phosphorous bombs to...
  6. kowalskil

    The fight for free religion

    The fight for free religion in America This PBS video, broadcasted on 12/18/2012, is worth watching and thinking about. It is full of topics worth debating, either here or elsewhere. Please share the link with those who might also be interested. Best...
  7. a777pilot

    Muslims and Free Speech

    I received this via the Old Used Up Marines net. I am surprised it is still available to view. Please view and let me know what you think.
  8. myp

    Free rider problem in Afghan security

    This is a topic that hasn't gotten much attention, but is certainly interesting (especially the economic take in my opinion). As the West pulls out of Afghanistan, China and India are preparing to go in and mine/trade the country's vast resources. A story of incentives (as usual) and how they...
  9. myp

    Milton Friedman on free trade and the steel industry

    I have been watching a lot of Friedman's videos on youtube recently and I really suggest them to anyone interested in economics and the unintended consequences of restricting trade. This particular one is on free trade and steel, in which he combats the still very prevalent misconception that...
  10. L

    Free Ebook: Crisis #14 - Thomas Paine Writes Again, 19th April 2011

    Free copy of the April 19th special edition of Crisis #14 Crisis #14 is a new book by Amitakh and Steffan Stanford that deals with "liberty in crisis". Direct Download:
  11. C

    Fox News? Andrew Napolitano wants to set free Oregon Christmas tree bomber

    HEADLINE: Fox News? Andrew Napolitano wants to set free Oregon Christmas tree bomber HEADLINE: Fox News' libertarian judge Andrew Napolitano actually wants to set free the Oregon Christmas tree bomber. He even accuses the US government of being the criminals by setting up the 19 year old...
  12. obtuseobserver

    Free Speech, Justice Breyer and burning Korans

    Here?s an excerpt from [COLOR=#800080]Justice Stephen G. Breyer?s [COLOR=#800080]interview with [COLOR=#800080]George Stephanopoulos discussing Koran burning and the First Amendment Indeed. And you can say?with the Internet, you can say this. ? Holmes said it doesn?t mean you can shout...
  13. I

    India and Israel to sign free trade agreement.

    According to Mark Sofer that these are very tough negotiations, they affect industry, they affect agriculture, they affect technologies, they affect transfers of know-how. It's not easy!!! Source:
  14. Delta

    Free Will and Religion

    I was watching some clips from the movie Waking Life and an interesting topic came up. The reward and punishment system in religion is based on free will. However, if god is omniscient, and knows everything that will happen... then our life is predetermined. We're simply carrying out the...
  15. C

    Should Medicare, social security, and free schools be eliminated?

    For those of you that think that a comprehensive national health system will bring about the total destruction of life in America as we know it, I'd like your opinions on these other institutions. One of them is actually a national health system, one of them is a direct transfer of wealth, and...