1. Fitz

    Fancy A bet on Trump's Future?

    The bookmakers in the UK are offering the following odds on Trump being replaced in 2017 - 25/1 2018 - 3/1 2019 - 10/1 2020 - 20/1 2021 - evens or if you prefer.. to serve a full 1st term 4/6 NOT to be re-elected in 2020 2/7 to be impeached before end of 1st term 6/4 Are the odds any better...
  2. N

    Does Truth Have a Future in America?

    ' Does Truth Have A Future In America? Some people just can't see the obvious. · · ;) [emphases added] .
  3. K

    What does closer relationship between China and Kazakhstan hold for the future?

    The resent statement released by government officials have sprung several questions to my mind. What does the closer relationship between two countries hold for the future of both? Please find the statement below that raised these questions. December 6 2013 President Nazarbayev predicts...
  4. myp

    The future of the Clintons

    The political powerhouse has been drawing more speculation towards their future in American politics with some thinking Hilary will run in 2016 (she has denied it I believe) and Chelsea Clinton moderating a panel of non-profit leaders- something that might hint she could make the move into...
  5. myp

    Nate Silver and the future of election predicting

    Nate Silver is quite the buzz right now. For anyone not familiar he is a statistician (yes probabilities matter, not just possibilities :p ) who blogs over at the NYTimes (the fivethirty blog) and just predicted all 50 state outcomes for the election correctly included calling that Florida would...
  6. DodgeFB

    Santorum meets with conservatives to discuss future; dropping out not on agenda

    (CBS News) -- Rick Santorum is meeting on Friday with conservative leaders at their request to discuss a possible way forward for his beleaguered presidential campaign, two sources confirmed to National Journal/CBS News. One source, however, emphasized the meeting was not called to ask...
  7. myp

    Samoa will skip a day into the future

    There will be no Friday this week for Samoa as it moves to the other side of the International Date Line since most of their business is done with countries on that side. This will not affect the American Samoa though.
  8. dave

    Economic future of the USA

    Who thinks the USA is headed for a major economic meltdown? Do you think we are too big too fail? If the USA collapses, it will probably bring down the world with it. Isn't that enough motivation for the other nations to work to prevent a collapse? Do you think the national leaders know...
  9. O

    What is Sarah Palins future?

    Well, in about two years Sarah Palin has come from being an obscure Alaska governor to one of the biggest names in politics. Vice Presidential Candidate Best selling author And now, Fox News Contributor Does anybody think she's going to run in 2012 or even later in the future? I firmly...