1. Ralph47

    FREE Gas For The Poor?

    Often at night I wake up and do some major thinking before getting back to sleep. I frequently try to remember my thoughts in the morning for posting here, but I hardly ever remember a thing. :confused: This morning was different; last night I got to thinking about the recent spike in gas...
  2. N

    Anyone Remember the OTHER arin gas attack?

    ' Anyone remember the OTHER sarin gas attack? LINK[/b] .
  3. F

    GAS ??? can you prove it?

    It would be useful if some real evidence could surface proving that GAS CHAMBERS were used at Auschwitz ,to eliminate certain groups who unfortunately had been sent there to work. To-date nothing exists to prove this charge ,despite the best efforts of many teams of forensic scientists to prove...
  4. myp

    Pakistan forces fire into air and tear gas protest crowds

    Regime change coming?
  5. myp

    How high should the gas tax be?

    The gas tax is an interesting issue. The US has some of the lowest gas prices in the world due to some of the lowest gas taxes, but many economists including some politically conservative ones (i.e. Mankiw) believe that the gas tax should be higher as a sort of Pigovian tax due to its negative...
  6. myp

    Americans upset with Obama over high gas prices

    More than 2 thirds of Americans are upset with the President over high gas prices although not all of them blame him for it. Could have an interesting effect on the election if it keeps up.
  7. myp

    Can Europe follow the US in shale gas?

    Taking a look at the differences between Europe and the US and why it might be a lot harder for the former to have the latter's success with shale gas: