1. Fitz

    Here’s a sword, General Kelly. Use it on the White House lies.

    What do you think of Kelly and his chances of success? How does he attempt to find someone that can stamp down on the alice in wonderland tweets and help Trump span that mental bridge from lies to reality?
  2. Cerise

    Church of England general synod votes against women bishops

    The general synod of the Church of England has voted against the appointment of women as bishops. The decision came at the end of a day of debate by supporters and opponents - and a 12-year legislative process. The measure was passed by the synod's houses of bishops and clergy but was...
  3. David

    Chinese general calls for adoption of a radical new strategy...

    ...Democracy. Lieutenant General Yazhou Liu has called for the democratization of the PRC. His calls are not idealist but militaristic and for this reason, he's being taken seriously. Citing the rapid and near effortless conquest of Afghanistan and more frightening (for the Chinese due to...
  4. A

    The greatest general of all time

    Throughout history there have been generals who have not only been very brave, but also excellent planners. My favorite have been Julius Ceasar and Alexander the great
  5. I

    I had a general question

    I had a general question that what is the greatest philosophy and why it is great?