1. N

    The Science of Genocide

    The Science of Genocide A little late to think about that, Oppie -- you great, big, genius boobie. emphases added .
  2. K

    Marching Against the Genocide of Whites in South Africa

    Welcome to the "Demand For Free Independent Afrikaner(Boer) State(s)" !!! Washington Marching Against the Genocide of Whites(Boers and white Afrikaners) in South Africa where over 90.000 of them were already massacred (not just killed, but often times cooked/burned alive.... talking about...
  3. Quatermass

    American Genocide.

    America is causing the deformation and deaths of an untold number of babies in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. This nation manufactures a horror known as 'Depleted Uranium' ordnance, and employs these weapons of mass radiological destruction with impiety on civilian targets. A single example...