1. Ralph47

    Is Trump George W. Bush II?

    George W. Bush was not a good speaker, including mis-speaking. But his actions (which are obviously MUCH more important than mere words) were in the right direction. :cool: Trump obviously seems to have the same characteristics. In stark contrast, Obama on the other hand was a slick...
  2. N

    Democrats love George Bush & the FBI now. What happened?

    ' Democrats love George Bush & the FBI now. What happened? .
  3. Protectionist

    Nancy Grace Owes George Zimmerman an APOLOGY.

    Nancy Grace, an obvious George Zimmerman hater, gave FALSE information about the gun that Zimmerman used in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. There has been a ton of misinformation thrown around in this issue by Trayvonites, but this clearly was one of the worst. Nancy said that ZImmerman...
  4. myp

    George Soros Festival of Economics Speech

    This speech has been going around the business and economics community a lot since legendary investor George Soros gave it a few days ago. It is a great speech and one in which he brings up a lot of interesting points. Definitely worth the read even if you are not into economics- it has a...
  5. M


    George Clooney in news again! But this time, not for being assaulted. Not for telling the world how much he loves humanity. Not for chanting Slogans for Human Rights. Not for accepting Oscars. This time he is in News for doing something real. Yes! It is real spying. Nathaniel Raymond, the...
  6. G

    Hi From george

    hey people i am George