1. arcturus88

    Trump calls out Germany's hypocrisy... Only Trump has the balls to go there. All other politicians are bought it seems. It kicks off at 2:33...:giggle:
  2. N

    Perhaps the USA is not (completely) like Nazi Germany

    ' The public reaction against the barbaric, malevolent separating of children from their parents could not have occurred in Nazi Germany. Clearly, many Americans have not yet been brainwashed into becoming dupes of the fascistic power structure of the USA. However, the proportion of...
  3. N

    Germany, America and a Use for Trump's Golf Courses

    ' In some ways, the development of America parallels that of Germany. Many years ago, the Germans were noted as being educated and cultured. Then came the Franco-Prussian War and the German Empire. The coarsening of the German character between 1870 and 1914 was quite remarkable. There was a...
  4. F

    Why was Germany Defeated ?

    During the 2nd. w.w. Germany had the best army in the world. it was the best trained and also had the best military equpment of any other country ;at least in the early years of fighting. But it still managed to lose . I wonder why!
  5. bluefig

    Germany's Gold and Central Banking Failures

    So, what do the forum members think about Germany repatriating of it's gold stocks held in the USA and elsewhere? How will this likely effect the EU and the USA? How do you think investors will respond? I'm not backing the editorial ideas of the following article but include it merely as a...
  6. myp

    East Germany sold sick to West for pharmaceutical testing

    Quite interesting as are so many things in that East v. West Germany dynamic. A relatively homogeneous populations split into two and dragged down almost polar opposite paths. An alien observer might have thought it was an experiment...
  7. myp

    Markets dip on horrible Germany auction

    Germany failed to sell ~40% of its issuance of 10-year debt earlier today, in a somewhat surprising occurrence. The move has once more increased European worries and as a result (at least partly), major markets took a dip today. The spiral seems to continue for the EU.
  8. C

    Jihad Watch: Germany

    Germany: "The Islamic parallel justice system is becoming a threat to the constitutional legal system," "the law is slipping out of our hands" As has...
  9. Dirk

    Waiting Times - Germany vs UK

    You know these threads, they're the ones where I explain why the German system is so much better than the British, yes? Well, not this time. Something I've noticed about waiting times between the German and British healthcare systems in doctors' appointments is that the Brits have one over on...
  10. myp

    Germany, Greece, and the EU

    In light of the crisis in Greece, does anyone have any predictions of what will happen to the Euro or EU? After the crisis unfolded, everyone looked to one of the EU's strongest economies: Germany. Germany seems to be skeptical of a bailout now because a bailout of Greece could set an unwanted...