1. C

    Understading Global War Pratice by Freemasons-Isalm & Syria on western chatolsim

    Unfortunately, The baath party of Syria which control Syrian politics with many millions of Syrian members via his social leaders not the key players issued all the times from our childhood Social warrant about Christian religion. The warrant was well observed via printed posters and printed...
  2. S

    Annual trade deficits are always net detrimental to their nation's GDP.

    Annual trade deficits are always net detrimental to their nation's GDP and drag upon their numbers of jobs. They indicate national use and consumption exceeded the nation's production. Respectfully, Supposn
  3. reedak

    Global statesman status awaiting for tubby Kim

    Whether the upcoming summit will fall apart, crafty Kim will walk away with his newfound status as a global statesman on par with the leader of a supposedly sole superpower, especially in the eyes of his own people.
  4. N

    World’s richest 1% bagged 82% of global wealth in 2017,while poorest half got nothing

    World’s richest 1% bagged 82% of global wealth in 2017, while poorest half got nothing – Oxfam .
  5. C

    Trump Earns Global Disapproval

    June 26, 2017 The global U.S. image takes a beating under Trump, according to a new report by Pew. A poll released today by Pew Research Center gauged global perceptions of the U.S. president, and the results aren't favorable for the man in the White House. "Trump and many of his key...
  6. reedak

    Global Times editorial: "NK state media's broadside won’t impact China policy"

    1. The following is full text of the editorial published by the Chinese state-run tabloid, Global Times, on 23 April 2017 under the headline "NK state media's broadside won’t impact China policy". (Begin text) The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) published a commentary on Friday criticizing...
  7. kowalskil

    Global Disasters

    A message from a colleague: If you allow me to carry my cynicism a bit further, I would describe the Paris agreement about climate change as a fig leaf. It allows everyone to continue doing what they want while being A message from a colleague: to say they tried to stop the seas from rising...
  8. S

    Global trade and the state of the union speech.

    I’m a proponent of a policy based upon Warren Buffett’s unilateral Import Certificates concept. His market, (not government) driven concept would significantly reduce USA’s trade deficit of global goods, be of no net expense to our federal budget, act as a subsidy of our exports and would...
  9. myp

    Bloomberg endorses Obama after Sandy due to global warming views

    A drastic decision and one I didn't really expect: Bloomberg has been very critical of Obama and Romney, but I guess after this storm the climate change issue...
  10. myp

    Global fraud study by Ernst and Young: Corruption still pays (unfortunately)

    Interesting article about corruption in various countries and people's attitudes towards it including businesses.
  11. J

    Gold, Silver turn weak on global cues, sluggish demand

    Both the precious metals, gold and silver, fell on the bullion market today on profit-selling by stockists, amid a weak trend in overseas markets. While gold dropped by Rs 250 to Rs 26,660 per 10 grams, silver lost Rs 1,200 to Rs 53,000 per kg on reduced offtake at existing higher levels...
  12. C

    69% Say It?s Likely Scientists Have Falsified Global Warming Research

    69% Say It?s Likely Scientists Have Falsified Global Warming Research The debate over global warming has intensified in recent...
  13. obtuseobserver

    Global Warming dealt another blow

    More trouble with AGW? say it isn't so? scientists screwed up? again? PARIS (AFP) - ? Estimates of the rate of ice loss from Greenland and West Antarctica, one of the most worrying questions in the global warming debate, should be halved, according to Dutch and US scientists. In the last...
  14. W

    Complexity and Global Solutions

    [FONT=Times New Roman] It?s easier to work towards your own interests than working together as a group to solve a problem. It's even harder to unite other countries with different global agendas towards a common goal. There's a lot of thought provoking video clips regarding complexity and...
  15. C

    EPA report on global warming

    The EPA submitted a report that says global warming is, among other things, affecting our health. I expect to see a lot of reports coming out of the scientific agencies that are part of the federal government because they have been suppressed under the previous administration. I know that...
  16. C

    Political implications of global warming

    I'm not talking about the bickering over whether it's real, though that seems to have faded, or the discussions about whether it's caused or accelerated by human activity (though if it isn't we are really in trouble, because there's nothing we can do about it), but the bigger issues, like water...