1. Ralph47

    2018 Election: A Choice Of Good Economy Or Not

    The choice is THAT super simple!!! :smug: President Reagan once said, “The best social program is a job.” Today, thanks in part to the policies of President Trump, essentially every American who wants a job can get one, providing some financial peace of mind for every able individual in our...
  2. Ralph47

    Good For Paul Ryan!

    House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying entitlement reform is essential to limiting budget deficits, criticized Sen. John McCain on Tuesday for voting last year against the repeal of Obamacare. “The house has passed these bills, but John McCain said no instead of yes,” Ryan said during an exclusive...
  3. Ralph47

    Trump's First Year: Historically Good

    Trump's First Year: Historically Good for America President Trump’s stature is only growing in the eyes of the people responsible for American job creation and wage growth. No matter what spin the media put on the first year of the new administration, the numbers don’t lie. What began as a...
  4. tecoyah

    The Good Lord? a tornado just hit your town, destroyed massive sections and decimated your Church. Many die and were injured one died in the Church. *Father Pervator then goes on the weather channel and says, "The Good Lord Protected Us". *Why did your "Good Lord" send you the...
  5. N

    Peace, order and good government

    PEACE, ORDER AND GOOD GOVERNMENT Hmmph....It seems to me that the childish self-absorption and anarchy which has devolved from American "life, liberty and (a supposed) pursuit of happiness" is harmful to both life and the pursuit of happiness --- and even, ultimately, to liberty. I think...
  6. arcturus88

    I heard a good thing about Obama.

    I recently heard that over the course of his presidency he has signed over 265 million acres to be national reserve/monument/ parks. More than any other president before him. :cloud9:
  7. F

    good economics?

    what if the economic system is good and fair in theory ;but just doesn't work . Should you change it for one that does work but is imposed?
  8. F

    Does good government represent?

    Is it the obligation of a government to provide representation to the people under its charge? even to those who support it and helped to bring it into power? i don't think so!! Do you??
  9. schuzic

    Would Jimi Hendrix Have Been a Good President

    I know people are really down on politicians , but I was wondering if we took a music genius like Jimi Hendrix, would he actually make a good President if he were still alive? Would it be a bad fit? He would at least outdo Clinton's Sax solo...right? John The Standard
  10. tecoyah

    Not good....not good at all

    " OSLO, Dec 23 (Reuters) - West Antarctica is warming almost twice as fast as previously believed, adding to worries of a thaw that would add to sea level rise from San Francisco to Shanghai, a study showed on Sunday. Annual average temperatures at the Byrd research station in West...
  11. S

    Is Obama a good president?

    IS Obama a good president? in terms of foreign policy
  12. P

    Chris Christie out - GOOD

    The fat guy has apparently REALLY excluded hinself from the GOP nomination. Christie is apparently a RINO - RINOish/lib positions on gun confiscation laws, abortion, the illegal alien invasion. Plus he's a warmist. Jokes aside about his over 300 pounds, americans shouldn't elect someone who...
  13. C

    Good old Barry Hussein

    tCAffMSWSzY#t=28 Yep. Seven years after Muslims murdered 3,000 of us, some others of us decided electing this Hussein guy was a stellar idea. As though WE had some sort of atonement to make. Can anyone imagine seven years after Pearl Harbor, Americans then electing Hiroshi as president...
  14. obtuseobserver

    North Korea is Not a Good Neighbor

    here's a bit from the blog.... North Korea is not a very friendly neighbor. North Korea is still legally at war with South Korea. North Korea is dirt poor and starvation is not uncommon. North Korea has kidnapped Japanese citizens over a period of decades, continued its nuclear weapons...
  15. deanhills

    I wonder how good a spy-chief can be who can't keep confidences

    Eliza Manningham-Buller, who retired in 2007 as a UK spy-chief, publicly said that the US had misled its allies about what they had been doing to the detainees. I can't help wondering while I was reading that, at how "good" this "Chief" must have been to keep confidences. Apart from the fact...
  16. myp

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: really good news- only 36,000 jobs lost

    The video speaks for itself: LC211h9AY-4 Anyone else find something wrong with it?
  17. S

    Earmarks - Are They Good or Bad?

    An interesting video comparing the differences between Rand Paul and Ron Paul on Earmarks. YouTube - Ron Paul vs Rand Paul on Earmarks I don't know what to think of it myself, If anybody here has more insight into earmarks it would be much appreciated.