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    UK Royal, USA Gov and Islam Freemasonry and Social-In-Justice Role on awarding Qatar

    The France and UK Freemason in Europe practice in Social terms has gone too much far bt serving their agents via Italian Freemasons and Gov and those Qatari and Islam Freemasons which meet in Milano and Sweden. In the old times the Islam was buying people and creating the salvary and this is...
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    An Insight into Italian Syrian Gov Islam Freemason and Socialist practice in Europe

    The political combination between Italy and Syria is not new. All of us know that Libya an colonial for Italy was lead by Baath party of Libya, similar political trend was found also in Syria via Baath Party of Syria and Libya Baath party donations to Syria and Former Libya leader visit to...
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    California Gov. Brown signs state "dream act"

    This will give illegal aliens in-state tuition and eligibility for education aid from california taxpayers. US citizens from other states will continue to pay unbelievably high out-of-state tuition, as will foreign students legally here on education visas. This in a state with one of the...
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    Gov. Haley: Obama Silence on NLRB 'Cowardly'

    Gov. Haley: Obama Silence on NLRB 'Cowardly' Friday, 02 Sep 2011 02:18 PM By David A. Patten LINK: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on Thursday delivered a blistering tirade against President Barack Obama’s...
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    Gov. Rod Blagojevich removed from office

    Just a few minutes ago, the Illinois State Senate removed him from office for corruption. Looks like the guy finally got what he had coming to him. This JUST happened so stand by for an official source. EDIT: Here we go