1. Ralph47

    With The Great Success Of The Trump Presidency:

    Hopefully the future will hold far fewer "career politicians", and far more business type candidates & other political novices. :cool:
  2. arcturus88

    the manufactured great depression

    I heard a theory once (spoken as fact by the person) that the great depression was manufactured to re-distribute wealth to rich powerful moguls by breaking the small guy / business. It was put for that they actually tested the theory by bankrupting Florida first to see if their scheme would...
  3. N

    The great strength of the totalitarian state....

    ' THE GREAT STRENGTH OF THE TOTALITARIAN STATE IS THAT IT FORCES THOSE WHO FEAR IT TO IMITATE IT ---Adolf Hitler The Jingoistic excesses of modern American "super-patriots" go far beyond the relatively mild cult of the Nazi Waffen SS. One needs to go back to the Roman Empire to see such...
  4. David

    The Great Schism

    Francis seems to be quit aggressive in his attempts to end it, going so far to renounce the title of Pope in favor of Bishop of Rome. Does anyone think he'll manage to reunite Catholicism (by which I mean the RCC, OCC and OCC)?
  5. F

    The Great MARCH Forward.The Great Leap Backwards.

    The 50th. anniversary of the great 1963 civil rights march where the featured speaker was MLK, brought to mind mao tse tung's great leap and great march forward some years earlier. Mao had a way of getting things done on time ;and looking at the social and economic conditions prevailing at the...
  6. myp

    Great ape bill to stop invasive research on Great apes

    How does everyone here feel about this bill to stop invasive research on Great apes?
  7. myp

    Great story on manufacturing in America

    Check out this piece by the Atlantic about manufacturing in the United States, how it has changed, and what it means for unskilled labor and jobs. It tells the story of a couple of workers from a particular plant, but covers many of the big picture issues that are so important right now...
  8. myp

    Are we in a great stagnation?

    Tyler Cowen of GMU is a prominent economist who wrote a book titled, the Great Stagnation, which basically suggests that the United States benefited greatly from a lot of low-hanging fruit in the past due to abundant resources, growing population, etc. but that the current increase in...
  9. C

    Great Video: Inspirational

    Father Jogn Corapi FvHGwhffv6I
  10. C

    Great misquotations: The famous things they never actually said

    >>>> Great misquotations: The famous things they never actually said Neat stuff. I especially like this one: [COLOR=Blue]Sarah Palin [COLOR=Blue]The misquote: "I can...