1. Ralph47

    So-Called "3-D" Printing Of Guns

    For one thing, one cannot "print" a 3-D gun. It would be made of INK, and cannot possibly work. One could however, conceivably 3-D FABRICATE one. 3-D printing is a total misnomer. 3-D fabricating is the actual reality of what can & is done. :smug: As far a 3-D fabricated guns is...
  2. T

    Two five yr. olds with guns.

    How would you deal with this: You are the principle of a school and the two biggest bullies are squared off on the playground with each holding a gun. How would you resolve this?
  3. arcturus88

    Guns and such

    this makes me snicker: CNN Video - Breaking News Videos from I'm not a gun nut, but I think, like it or not, guns are a part of our culture. other cultures have trouble grasping it but it is a part of what makes us who we are. maybe it stems back to the revolutionary war, and civil...
  4. S

    Guns and race

    The thread title comes from Juan Williams. His Wall Street Journal piece; Race and the Gun Debate I'll link. Juan Williams: Race and the Gun Debate - This hits several points I've made recently. Firstly, I thought the Newtown response was kneejerk and exposed many with a gun control...
  5. Brooks

    Guns, Speech and Group Punishment

    Has anyone ever seen the Westboro Baptist Church at soldiers’ funerals? They hold up signs that say “God Hates Fags” and taunt the mourners and defile the memory of the hero. . What if President Obama said “The vile mutterings of this despicable group will no longer be tolerated. They sting our...
  6. A

    NRA says, "it is time to arm our children"

    Gun control debate 2014..
  7. chris7375

    Gun Ban detailed includes a lot of guns.

    It may be that each of us own now an illegal gun if this bill passes. I would have to say I would have 2 that are at this point considered illegal by Feinstein's bill. The bill includes a lot of gun more then I thought it would. Handguns does not seem to be defined though I am not sure if it...
  8. myp

    Can guns protect us against tyranny?

    Certainly not the only variable.
  9. chris7375

    Texas town allows Teacher to carry guns in school. I won't deny that I am all for this. I think this should be allowed at all schools. Those that argue the point by saying what if a teacher who is carrying a gun goes over the edge. I won't deny that may...
  10. A

    Iran came with guns loaded- a reflection on the NAM summit

    A review on the now finished NAM summit where Iran hosted over 120 nations.
  11. myp

    Banning Guns- it does not work

    The debate on banning guns heated up once more after the election of President Obama. I am against such action, as I believe it is against the 2nd amendment and I think people should have the right to defend themselves. Not only that, but I think banning guns won't actually reduce crime because...