1. Ralph47

    To Dead People, Life Never Even Happened

    Philosophical thought: To dead people, their life never even happened. Because no memory of life is the same as it never even happened. :( Just a weird, but candid thought I had. :cool:
  2. N

    Democrats love George Bush & the FBI now. What happened?

    ' Democrats love George Bush & the FBI now. What happened? .
  3. arcturus88

    what really happened to political fray

    earlier David opined the following, and was quickly rebuffed by one tecoyah: So the question is begged members...what really caused the Great Recession of members here at political fray? I invited all members past, present, lurkers to chime in here. your voice deserves to be heard...
  4. arcturus88

    What ever happened to David?

    Please theorize here. on this thread. theory 1. He joined the Bernie Sanders campaign team. The first mission, given to him from the liberal cult figure was to attend and try to disrupt all Donald Trump speeches. "Try to get punched on camera" was Bernie's exact words to David. This takes...
  5. clax

    What has happened to our country?

    I know the answer, it lies in the people. We have been told that to defend what we believe in until our deaths is terrorism, and that other opinions are just as valid. First, it is absolutely the definition of the word patriot if you sacrifice time money and blood for your nation...
  6. D

    Whatever Happened to Family Values?

    Why don't conservatives embrace family values anymore? They're such professional, industrialist, workaholics who are bent on rugged individualist hypercompetition.
  7. x0Maximilian0x

    Anthrax Attack which just happened to occur right after 9/11

    What I find interesting is the anthrax attack which just happened to occur about a week after 9/11. Also interesting is where it was starting to be fed to the public the anthrax had a component which would prove it could only have come from Iraq. This added component would have been a link from...
  8. David

    What ever happened to national security?

    As anyone not living under a rock (or maybe just outside North America) knows by now, what happens in Mexico doesn't stay in Mexico. 1st we had kidnappings, then we had attacks on police and military personnel, then we started having territory actively sized, which lead to beheadings, which in...
  9. deanhills

    What's happened to Secretary Clinton?

    I only saw Secretary Clinton in action right at the beginning in February when she was annointed Secretary. There was then a bit of a tour, with very little real substance to report, other than introducing herself to everyone. And then Obama seems to have taken on her role as the Secretary of...