1. M

    whats happening?

    A! I'm the character who was thrown out of Chemistry for being a FREE RADICAL .....
  2. myp

    What will end up happening to Greece?

    As the turmoil continues there are people making all sorts of suggestions and predictions as to what will happen to Greece. Another bailout could be possible (which would likely mean goodbye to some of Germany's current politicians' reelection hopes), but further austerity is likely needed for...
  3. myp

    "Avatar" parallel happening in Orissa, India

    For anyone who saw the movie Avatar, this story will seem really familiar, except that in this case it is real. Tribes in the state of Orissa (in India) are currently trying to stop mining companies and industrialization of a mountain which they consider to be holy. The companies involved want...
  4. deanhills

    What is happening with the budget?

    We're getting towards the middle of August and Obama is still chewing on the Healthcare Bone, instead of buckling down with the budget? Anyone got an idea whether something is available yet?