1. myp

    Tom Coburn's ideas for healthcare reform

    The Congressman and former physician offers his views on how to improve the medicare system: When asked why he hasn't introduced it in a bill- because there isn't enough political...
  2. myp

    Romney looks to focus on economy, not healthcare

    Apparently the campaign will be focusing more on Obama and the economy as opposed to the recent ACA ruling and healthcare reform moving forward.
  3. myp

    Path to healthcare coverage in 2014

    A flow chart showing what the options are under the near healthcare law:
  4. N

    US healthcare system is unsustainable The cost of healthcare in the United States is 62 percent higher than that in Switzerland. Americans pay more than $7,900 per person for healthcare each year -- far more than any other OECD country -- but...
  5. C

    Dem admits Obama and Pelosi focus on healthcare over economy cost Dems the House

    HEADLINE: Dem admits Obama and Pelosi focus on healthcare over economy cost Dems the House OVERVIEW: A prominent Democrat is openly admitting that Obama and Pelosi ruined the Dems' chances of keeping the House with their insistence on focusing on healthcare over the economy. LINK...
  6. Dirk

    Healthcare Humour

    Well, i've enjoyed myself, during these arguments on healthcare reform, in the US. I don't think i've ever laughed so much in my life as during the accusations of Obama being a socialist, or of healthcare reform being a communist conspiracy. And the "teabaggers", who were frankly off their...
  7. myp

    Healthcare vote tonight- this could be it

    After months of debate and back-and-forth arguments, the landmark health bill will go into a final vote tonight. After a positive CBO report on the bill, those for the bill are confident they have the votes and Congress will be voting on it later tonight. You can stream the debate and then...
  8. C

    healthcare issue

    Hi Im cjane a fourth year political science student and in one of our class in american government we need to interview American citizens about certain political issues. can i someone reply to me?.. thank you!!
  9. C

    Obama Healthcare

    What do you guys think of the Obama Healthcare plan? Do you think it would be good or bad for the economy? I think it is too much like socialism, as if we are drifting away from our good old capitalist ideals.
  10. myp

    White House not willing to compromise on the healthcare bill?

    This is a very interesting and also very scary clip from CNN concerning a possible plan of the Obamacare supporters that could ram through the bill, even with a public option: 3YGvV3H__ac If this goes through then once again, Obama will have said one thing (at the town hall meetings) and done...
  11. Dirk

    America Does Need Healthcare Reforms

    But, as you should have heard me say enough by now, i don't agree with Obama's reforms. I do not, however, oppose change for healthcare. Obama's reforms help a few people but they are far from universal. They also do not change much the system. If Obama ever gets his reforms through...