1. Ralph47

    High Speed Motorcycles

    It seems like high speed motorcycles, weaving in & out of lanes on the freeway act like they are running late for their own FUNERAL! :redface:
  2. Ralph47

    U.S. Confidence Near 17 Year High

    If you think the President has NOTHING to do with it, you may as well go back to head down position. :giggle: Consumer confidence hit 122.1 in December, slightly below the 17-year high set in November, 128.6, according to the Conference Board's index released Wednesday. "Despite the...
  3. S

    Critical questions: China-vietnam tensions high over drilling rig in disputed

    CSIS: Ernest Bower (@BowerCSIS) and Gregory Poling (@GregPoling) May 7, 2014 Tensions between China and Vietnam over the disputed South China Sea are at their highest levels in years. On May 2, the state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) placed its deep sea drilling rig...
  4. reedak

    High stakes proxy war

    One day, a multi-billionaire named Amer invited his two "friends", Wa and Chin, to his house for a gambling session. While Wa and Chin were having their card game, Amer stood there as a spectator. Halfway through the game, Amer told them he was having diarrhoea and had to go to the toilet. The...
  5. myp

    High grade beef prices rise, pink slime beef prices plummet on public outcry

    Following the pink slime news. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/14/us-usa-beef-pinkslime-idUSBRE84D03820120514
  6. myp

    How high should the gas tax be?

    The gas tax is an interesting issue. The US has some of the lowest gas prices in the world due to some of the lowest gas taxes, but many economists including some politically conservative ones (i.e. Mankiw) believe that the gas tax should be higher as a sort of Pigovian tax due to its negative...
  7. myp

    Americans upset with Obama over high gas prices

    More than 2 thirds of Americans are upset with the President over high gas prices although not all of them blame him for it. Could have an interesting effect on the election if it keeps up. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/27/us-usa-campaign-poll-idUSBRE82Q19Z20120327
  8. myp

    Securities regulators ask for high frequency trading info

    FINRA has requested trading strategies and in some cases algorithms from high frequency traders in an interesting (and on my part unexpected) move. Is this the end of HFT? http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/01/us-financial-regulation-algos-idUSTRE7806J420110901
  9. myp

    Chavez blames bourgeoisie for weak bolivar and high inflation

    President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela blamed "bourgeoisie" speculators for the country's economic problems- namely high inflation caused by a weak bolivar (Venezuelan currency.) The socialist leader's accusations are in stark contrast with Wall St., which blames Chavez's own nationalistic and...
  10. O

    High approval ratings for Obama

    President Obama's approval ratings are far higher than Bush and Clinton in their initial days in office. Currently they stand at 68% approve, 12% disapprove. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/01/24/poll-shows-high-early-approval-rating-for-obama/ That's pretty amazing, that all...
  11. myp

    Goldman Sachs analysis shows 0% rate too high

    Well, this is just crazy: a recent Goldman Sachs analysis says that the current 0% interest rate is not sufficient and it must be reduced to -6% in order to supply what the report calls the "needed amount of monetary stimulus" This essentially means that the lender losses money on the...