1. N

    Train carrying GOP Congress members hits garbage truck

    Train carrying GOP Congress members hits garbage truck It is sad about the injuries of those who were not congressmen, but I could not repress a twinge of Schadenfreude that the congress critters should experience a tiny bit of the injury they have condemned ordinary Americans to endure due...
  2. myp

    Gold hits 1800 as economic worries continue

    Gold hit 1800 a troy ounce not too long ago as investors continue to look for refuge from the economic worries in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. It is at a nominal high, but still a few hundred/troy ounce below its all-time real high.
  3. David

    6.2 quake hits American Samoa.

    Seems yet another quake has hit. And worse, this place just suffered a quake/tsunami and then another quake a few weeks later over the past, what, 2 months?
  4. deanhills

    6.0 Magniture Earthquake hits Turkey

    Yet another earthquake, this time in eastern parts of Turkey 6.0 magnitude. 17 people are reported to have been killed. Source: YahooNews!
  5. myp

    8.8 magnitude earthquake hits Chile

    Chile was hit by a massive earthquake early this morning in a disaster that has taken the lives of 82 and destroyed many buildings and roads. The earthquake has now also led to a tsunami alert for some places on the pacific ocean, including Hawaii, Japan and Russia. Let's hope nothing worse...
  6. myp

    Massive earthquake hits Haiti

    Estimates ranging from tens of thousands to a hundred thousand people have died in a massive earthquake in Haiti. With a poor infrastructure system and weaker buildings, a lot of damage has been done to the country thus far and there is a lot of fear among the people within and outside of the...
  7. myp

    Unemployment rate in United States hits 10.2%

    The unemployment rate went up again in the month of October, jumping from 9.8% to 10.2%, making it the highest since 1983. It seems harder than ever to get a job right now and things could sadly get worse. Thoughts?