1. Ralph47

    The Growing Homeless Population

    It is quite sad to see anybody having to live without decent shelter. Why the population is growing is unclear. A recent study of exploding San Diego homeless on why they exist shows that it is not due to laziness or that they chose to be that way, rather it is due to drug & alcohol abuse, and...
  2. myp

    Cheaper to house the homeless than not?

    Wouldn't be surprising if more data is collected that shows the same sort of conclusion: It's three times cheaper to give housing to the homeless than to keep them on the streets - Vox
  3. S

    50,000 in NYC's homeless shelters

    Really? And how did NYC vote these last two elections? Hope and change! Mary.....who did you vote for? We sleep in the beds we make, Ms. Brosnahan....unless of course some of our rocket scientist contstituents elect a circus clown into office who couldn't run a fever during flu season...