1. El VetoVoter

    Howdy Folks, I'm from the southwest (American territory, stolen from native tribes)

    I have lived an interesting life, discussed philosophy and politics with thousands of people, studied history and political science, kayaked wild rivers, climbed steep cliffs, wrecked cars, and fought my share of fights. I have observed sunsets and meteor showers and the birth of kittens, and...
  2. Archie Goodwin

    Howdy from Seattle

    Look forward to some recreational debate for fun and no profit. I'm Liberal Democrats, which should seem obvious from my take on things. Thanks to the site owners and moderators for providing the opportunity.
  3. a777pilot


    Just thought I would give this forum a try. Most of these political forums are "not nice" to those that are politically incorrect. a nut shell..... Grew up in Nebraska and Iowa. College degree in physics and math. Marine Corps, retired. American Airlines, retired. Retired...
  4. T


    The one and only Tibbs, at your service. Or maybe Tibbles. I don't know. Both maybe? Either way, I'm here to join the fray. BA-DUM TCHSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!! (Because that's totally never been done before, right?)
  5. AK_ID

    Howdy from the Ozarks

    A friend from Texas recommended this forum to me, and I thank him for the invite. The rules of engagement are similar to those of a group I run over at Yuku, and previously at MSN groups -- be nice to others, respect your fellow posters even when you disagree, et cetera. Very nice to see other...
  6. A


    Hey I'm Arlie! I'm glad to be here and looking forward to some conversation!! I really like talking about news and conspiracy theories. Don't be surprised if you catch me playing devils advocate!! :D If you wanna know anything about me just ask, I'm horrible at introductions.
  7. B

    Howdy Folks

    I'm new around here, I just stumbled in and noticed that the members of this board actually write nice long posts. So I'll stick around for now! See you all around...