1. Ralph47

    Human Eggs Grown To Maturity In Lab

    Pretty :cool: Facts | February 9, 2018: Scientists, for the first time have succeeded in growing human eggs in a laboratory from the earliest stages in ovarian tissue all the way to full maturity – a scientific step that had previously been taken in mice. Publishing their result in the...
  2. tecoyah

    The most destructive human creation.

    It is not nuclear weapons, poison gas, or even warfare itself....though warfare is certainly a part of it's destructive power. Humankind has spent many thousands of years developing this extremely powerful destructive force, fine tuning its ability to kill en could even call it pure...
  3. Road Warrior

    Primitive human society 'not driven by war'

    I've long had a deep interest in both human behavior and history. This story hits on both topics. Primitive human society 'not driven by war'
  4. clax

    human trafficking

    I sat in another training meeting today. I am glad I did, the subject of this meeting disturbed me deeply. It seems slavery is alive and well in the united states. I started on my career just seven years ago, I always hoped never to be one of third jaded police officers that never shows...
  5. M

    Urine-Soaked Eggs in China; an example of Human UrophagiaHumanity earned more dignity

    Humanity earned more dignity and respect from past, when it comes to food in 21st century but there are still some factions and savages that are destined to make humanity weep for its own wrongdoings. Urine-Soaked Eggs are one of the best examples to make us realize that we are still...
  6. RonPrice

    The Washington Post 28/8/'10: On The 20 Year Jail Sentence of Baha'is

    The following article appeared in The Washington Post under the headline below in last Saturday's edition, 28 August 2010. In Iran: Shackling The Bahai Torchbearers by Roxana Saberi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For several weeks last year...
  7. Delta

    Institute for Human Continuity

    Maybe you've seen the commercial. Apparently 12 million people have seen it and buy it. Can you believe this nonsense? If you check out their website they are having presidential elections for post apocalyptic earth. The whole concept is just...
  8. O

    Is it ok to ignore religion in some areas?

    In certain circumstances, religion will conflict with human rights. Specifically, think about gay rights. Homosexuality has been around for a long time and it quite a controversial topic. But now, gay couples are asking for the same rights as other people. While this is mainly a political...