1. Southern Dad

    20,000 pallets of bottled water left untouched in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

    CNN reports that there are 20,000 pallets of drinking water still sitting on a tarmac more than a year after FEMA brought them to Puerto Rico. The federal government through FEMA or the military is responsible to get the materials and supplies to Puerto Rico but local authorities are...
  2. Ralph47

    Odds Of Original Busy Hurricane Season Now Down

    That's neat! El Nino much more likely now. :cool:
  3. P

    Hurricane Irene a bust

    The lib media gets all excited every time the weather turns bad lately, so they had about two orgasms apiece over Irene. The reason is, they're eager for america to "get it" from the weather as punishment for not accepting AGW and implementing full tilt ecofascism. Unfortunately, Irene...
  4. myp

    Hurricane Irene

    Anyone else in the path of Irene? Been preparing today/yesterday- got water, food, filled up on gas, etc. Going to be an interesting few days, hopefully the damage isn't too great...