1. N

    Antarctica lost 3 trillion tonnes of ice in blink of an eye

    ' Antarctica lost 3 trillion tonnes of ice in blink of an eye .
  2. Ralph47

    Coming Ice Age Already Kills 35 Manatees

    :cry: BRADENTON,Fla. — A report says 35 manatees across Florida have died as a result of cold stress syndrome in January. The Bradenton Herald reports the deaths between Jan. 1 and Jan. 26 were tallied in a preliminary report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission...
  3. Ralph47

    Ice age coming by 2030!

    :o A study that the mainstream media will likely attempt to hide and brush under the rug, has declared that the Earth has not warmed in 19 years. This calls into question every single hack, including Barack Obama, who claimed “climate change” was a “settled science.” But don’t celebrate...
  4. tecoyah

    Larson Ice Shelf

    It looks like things they be a speedin' up. This will be getting worse going forward. Larsen C Crack Is in Its Final Stages; Will Produce One of World's Largest Icebergs Ever Recorded
  5. I

    Ice Age - Intro

    Hello, all, I'm obviously new here. I first discovered this forum after a quick Google search. I have so many political opinions and views that I am just dying to get out there - but unfortunately, in today's societal ambiance, people are more worried about keeping their house and their jobs...