1. Ralph47

    Idea For Effective Immigration Reform

    The border lined with robotic machine guns. :smug:
  2. myp

    Why a flat tax is a bad idea

    Okay we have run into the flat tax in quite a few discussions lately, but always as a side-topic, not giving it the attention it deserves despite the disagreement. So let's have a discussion on it here. My reasoning for why a flat tax is bad is because the value of money diminishes marginally...
  3. SlipperyJack

    Syrian Peace Idea

    This is just an idea to solve the number of political problems in Syria. Syria will adopt a multi party system which should hopefully allow for a system of government that will be good for the country. The president of Syria should be a syrian muslim but the 2 vice-president positions...
  4. myp

    Private prisons- a bad idea?

    I was never fond of the lobby. And stories like this are just horrible:
  5. N

    Outsourcing of Jobs - Liberal or conservative idea?

    Outsourcing of jobs is 'Pro-business'. Is that 'Pro-liberal' OR 'Pro-conservative'? Outsourcing of jobs has stagnated US economy which depends on consumer spending. Why not outsource shops/restaurants along with the jobs so that they can find consumers abroad. Why not ship US voters to...
  6. myp

    The "fence" is a horrible idea

    During the last GOP debate, a few of the candidates stressed that they wanted to see a fence on the US-Mexico border to deter illegal immigration. The idea does not really make sense logistically or financially. It most likely wouldn't work either. It is a very costly investment and ironically...
  7. prasanth5

    History congress - a bad idea?

    How about the idea of holding history congress once in say 3 years or so. I am not sure whether any congress of such type is being held anywhere. If so please let me know. It should be a confluence of all history scholars and admirers.