1. Ralph47

    Illegal U.S. Intruder Killed NFL Player

    The suspected drunk driver who killed Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson in a crash on the morning of the Super Bowl is a Guatemalan citizen who is in the U.S. illegally and has been deported twice, police revealed Monday.
  2. Ralph47

    FYI:Obama & Clinton Slammed Illegal Immigration

    I'm not joking! :smug:
  3. myp

    Illegal to fail students if they believe in certain myths as opposed to facts?

    This is just ridiculous. Making It Illegal To Fail Science Students Who Argue Humans Co-Existed With Dinosaurs | TechCrunch
  4. P

    Another CA favor for illegal alien invaders

    Now, unlicensed drivers at sobriety checkpoints will no longer have their cars impounded in california. Sympathy for unlicensed US citizens? No, along with the "Dream Act", free education, and free health care at the ER, the law was passed by democrat legislators motivated to give free...
  5. myp

    Alabama struggles to find workers to fill illegal immigrants' old positions

    Farms in Alabama struggle to fill positions previously held by illegal immigrants. The refusal to acknowledge different job markets and what is at times the lack of fluidity from one to another from the "illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs" crowd is astounding...
  6. C

    Military advocates decry ?illegal? early terminations of 157 Air Force majors

    Military advocates decry ?illegal? early terminations of 157 Air Force majors Published: 4:24 PM 11/25/2011 | Updated: 12:19 PM 11/27/2011 Source: rest of story...
  7. P

    Cost of illegal alien health care? Billions.
  8. P

    Stopping the illegal alien invasion

    Step one is electing a conservative president - leftwingers and RINOs have no intention of stopping it. The former see it as a means of permanent political power for themselves. If they can get their amnesty accomplished, they will have millions of newly-minted democrat voters, plus tens of...
  9. V

    Illegal Immigration

    So as it has come to my attention, there has been a proposal in the state of Florida of an immigration law which has some rather alarming similarities to the unjust immigration law of Arizona, SB1070. The law is being proposed by Florida State Legislator William Snyder. Although it has a...
  10. E

    You know what's really ironic about illegal American Immigration? The fact that guys like Smithfield Foods and IBP actually recruit illegal immigrants to work for them. Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch Food, Inc.
  11. J

    Canadian Finance Minister Caught Taking Illegal Bribes!

    ... this is no hoax. this is real. the evidence is attached to this post ... ... the corrupt british columbia government is a fascist regime infested with crooks top to bottom. i have concrete, tangible evidence that proves bc's finance minister has participated in an illegal kickback scheme...