1. Ralph47

    Idea For Effective Immigration Reform

    The border lined with robotic machine guns. :smug:
  2. Ralph47

    FYI:Obama & Clinton Slammed Illegal Immigration

    I'm not joking! :smug:
  3. Protectionist

    Immigration Amnesty Bill - Makes Us LESS Safe

    The union of workers who do the screening of new immigrants, fears the Senate Amnesty bill is likely to force rubberstamping dangerous applicants. Actually, rubberstamping has been going on for years, while USCIS workers are often unable to keep up with the torrent of immigrants flowing in...
  4. Protectionist

    Immigration Bill = 1945 US Surrender to Japan

    If the USA had surrendered to Japan in World War II, that would be the equivalent of the immigration bill that deranged members of the US Congress are getting ready to vote in favor of. The overwhelming majority of illegal aliens in America are Mexican, and its no accident that they are...
  5. myp

    House votes in favor of easing immigration laws for highly skilled workers

    With overwhelming support the House of Representatives voted yes on legislation that would make it easier for more highly skilled workers such as engineers to come to the US by removing existing caps on such immigration from various countries...
  6. myp

    Startup looks to bypass immigration system for ambitious workers and startups

    A new company called Blueseed is looking to have an offshore ship with offices, apartment-like rooms, etc. for talented workers from abroad to work for American corporations which have at times found it difficult to bring in new workers due to immigration law. It is certainly an interesting...
  7. P

    America's LEGAL immigration problem

    The US admits about one million legal immigrants a year. The top countries of origin are Mexico, China, India, Vietnam and Cuba. These countries are either dictatorships, or have a long tradition of statism. With leftwingers in control of the institutions these people are likely to encounter...
  8. V

    Illegal Immigration

    So as it has come to my attention, there has been a proposal in the state of Florida of an immigration law which has some rather alarming similarities to the unjust immigration law of Arizona, SB1070. The law is being proposed by Florida State Legislator William Snyder. Although it has a...
  9. P

    Phen-A-Logue: Immigration Overhaul

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but it is about the current events dealing with the immigration bill. If it doesn't belong here please move it and let me know, I apologize in advance. This was a column I wrote for another forum, but I regularly repost at other forums. ===================...
  10. E

    You know what's really ironic about illegal American Immigration? The fact that guys like Smithfield Foods and IBP actually recruit illegal immigrants to work for them. Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch Food, Inc.
  11. myp

    Obama criticizes proposed Arizona law on immigration

    President Obama criticized a proposed law in Arizona that would make it a crime to be in the state for illegal immigrants and would require authorities to question illegal aliens. Arizona has had a major problem with illegal immigrants crossing over the border and the drug cartel war spillover...
  12. deanhills

    Is immigration in trouble in the UK?

    I can imagine there has to be common sense reasons why Britons don't want to have illegal aliens in their country, but why are there so many immigrants then? This new thread is especially for Austin. Would love to hear his views about the high priority this issue has in party politics...
  13. O

    Should local and state law enforcement be trained to check immigration status?

    Currently only federal and some state/local agencies check criminals immigration status. I think we need to train all law enforcement to check when somebody is arrested. It is a simple matter of checking a computer database and can greatly reduce the work of ICE.