1. tecoyah

    How important do you think you are?

    Is your opinion so profoundly important that is needs to be adhered to by everyone else? Do you hold such high regard for yourself that your word and thoughts should become Law? Does the freedom a person has to their own body become invalid based upon your OPINION? Or is it only women?
  2. tecoyah

    Important "Inconvenient Truths".

    This is an important series of FACTS concerning our future and climate change. Likely certain individuals will reply with the standard "Nuh Uh" and chicken little ignorance....go will...
  3. myp

    Massachusetts gets set to vote in important election

    Quite an interesting situation is unfolding in Massachusetts right now as the state gets set to vote on Ted Kennedy's successor tomorrow. Republican candidate, Scott Brown has led in all the recent polls, which has many Democrats worried that the very liberal Massachusetts, might not swing...