1. Ralph47

    Trudeau Having Tough Slog In India

    LOL!!! Prime Minister of India was going to meet with Canuck PM Trudeau, but rescheduled to meet with Donald Trump, Jr. instead. :D
  2. reedak

    Has China ever hoped to teach NKorea the same lessons as India?

    1. The following are excerpts from the 30 August 2017 AFP news report headlined "China says it hopes India will 'learn lessons' from standoff" at (Begin excerpts) China said Wednesday it hopes India will...
  3. myp

    Poor may suffer with new drug price cap policy in India

    Potential unintended consequences of policy: Not to mention this hurts drug innovation too (this is why the drug companies need the US).
  4. myp

    US looks for India to reduce oil purchases from Iran
  5. myp

    India looks to defense upgrades to help on China border

    India is looking to make some defense upgrades to it's army as it tries to strengthen its position on a disputed border with China. source: Thoughts?
  6. E

    India, China, unemployment and the financial crisis

    I suppose this should go here, but I really do not think of it as conspiracy. So, here goes. We know that HP dumped 30,000 jobs in the US and moved them to China and India. That is fact. To move jobs to China, a company must train personnel, construct a location to conduct the business...
  7. I

    India and Israel to sign free trade agreement.

    According to Mark Sofer that these are very tough negotiations, they affect industry, they affect agriculture, they affect technologies, they affect transfers of know-how. It's not easy!!! Source:
  8. myp

    "Avatar" parallel happening in Orissa, India

    For anyone who saw the movie Avatar, this story will seem really familiar, except that in this case it is real. Tribes in the state of Orissa (in India) are currently trying to stop mining companies and industrialization of a mountain which they consider to be holy. The companies involved want...
  9. C

    Hello From India

    Hello guys, I am new here and my name is Sahil. I hope to enjoy myself here and have some fun... Crazysah
  10. B

    What step you need on Terrorism by GOVT of India?????

    You all memebers of the forum, knew very well about 26/11/08 in India in mumbai`s terrorist attack. So what you thing on that where our GOVT was faild to prevent it. What are the step you aspect from our GOVT To be take? Its a necessary if you make yourself safe..