1. L

    We earn less, inflation adjusted, why?

    FROM 1950 TO 1980: -The bottom 90% of the people saw an increase of 75% in income -The top 1% (wealthies) saw an increase of 77% in income FROM 1980 TO 2008: LOOKOUT!!: -The bottom 90% of the people saw an increase of 1% in income -The top 1% of the people (wealthy) saw an increase of 433%...
  2. myp

    Should the Federal government offer starter savings accounts (inflation protected)?

    Basically the interest rate would change based on CPI change year-to-year and there would be a cap on how much each individual can put into the account. The goal is to allow those most hurt by inflation to protect against it.
  3. S

    Minimum wage.

    Minimum wage. The minimum wage rate?s proportional affect upon a task?s wage scale is inversely related to the difference between the minimum rate and the wage scales amounts. Although the minimum rate affects ALL labor compensation, it?s of lesser importance to middle income earners and of...
  4. J

    Inflation and debt I

    [FONT=Courier New] As of February 2010 the United States Federal government was $12.4 trillion in debt. [FONT=Courier New][COLOR=#0000ff] [FONT=Courier New] By July 2007 State and local governments owed $2 trillion (and this would be around...
  5. myp

    Chavez blames bourgeoisie for weak bolivar and high inflation

    President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela blamed "bourgeoisie" speculators for the country's economic problems- namely high inflation caused by a weak bolivar (Venezuelan currency.) The socialist leader's accusations are in stark contrast with Wall St., which blames Chavez's own nationalistic and...