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    Increasing infrastructures matter.

    Excerpted from...
  2. Protectionist

    INFRASTRUCTURE - Part 2 - California Catastrophe

    The worst infrastructure disaster in America is looming in the delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, about 70 miles northeast of San Francisco. In this area, rich farmlands are protected by hundreds of miles of simple dirt levees. If/whenever an earthquake were to wipe the levees...
  3. Protectionist

    INFRASTRUCTURE Report - DAMS (Critical)

    INFRASTRUCTURE - America's Expensive Problem (that can't be ignored). Part 1 - DAMS The infrastructure issue isn't just about dangers that will occur in the future (without massive expenditures to mitigate them). It is a combination of that and disasters that have already occured. One of...
  4. myp

    House Republicans ask for $260 billion in infrastructure spending

    House Republicans are looking to pass a infrastructure bill that will increase funds for infrastructure projects for the next 5 years in what is touted as pro-job (ironically) legislation.