1. N

    Meaning and Intellectual Beauty

    ' The vast number of "uh's" (that is, the "schwa" sound) in the unaccented syllables of English leads to certain sensitivities to expression which foreign speakers find very difficult to master. Spoken English words are very "fuzzy;" it is very easy to hear them in several different ways and...
  2. myp

    Intellectual warfare

    Throughout the course of history there has always been some sort of internal struggle amongst peoples. I do not necessarily mean physical struggle (although sometimes it culminates in that), but the struggle between ideas. From the struggle between classes to that between genders to that between...
  3. myp

    Intellectual property rights reform

    Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility in order to secure a large patent base for defensive litigation is just another in a string of events in the "intellectual property war" raging in the tech and other industries. What is happening is that some companies (in tech Apple has been a big one) are...