1. Ralph47

    Interesting 10 Year Old Trump On Oprah Video

    (NOT literally on her. :giggle:)
  2. tecoyah

    Another interesting coincidence?

    So...the secret JFK data (which has never been all that secret) is released by Trump and the news cycle gets clogged with sordid and pointless details. Then Meuller and the Grand jury let it slip an indictment has been issued against someone who gets to stew over the weekend (along with the...
  3. tecoyah

    Interesting isn't it.

    It is predictably strange how our system is unfair and "Rigged" to Donald Trump, unless he wins as in New York. This convention is poised to be an excellent circus.
  4. J

    Ok I'm not normally into conspiracy theories but this looks very interesting

    So there is this interesting new conspiracy theory that secret north European cosmos agency is stealing crucial data from smartphone users. I can not yet post links because my post count is less than 10 but there is a video wich explaines everything better than a thousand words. so just paste...
  5. myp

    See anything interesting at the polling place?

    Or hear anything silly, shocking, etc.? Share here.
  6. David

    An interesting point.

    As most everyone has accepted, we're not alone in the universe. It's so vast that not only is life certain but I'm probably making this post on this computer in some far corner of the universe (a Stage 1 parallel universe). This has lead the question of 'Are we alone?' to be replaced by 'Why...