1. arcturus88

    teaching kids right from wrong

    I've recently had the job of "dad" thrust on me and came to a perplexing line of thought. when teaching the little one the "right" way i need to reason why it is the right way. there is always, the golden rule, "do it because that's what you want done to you". But that seems to fall a little...
  2. myp

    Kids using hand sanitizer to get drunk

    Not the smartest thing to do. But it brings up questions about drinking laws, etc.
  3. B

    Is it OK to have sex with kids?

    And if not why not? Most people agree that actions which harm others are wrong, but many actions are illegal which do not harm anyone and are known as victimless crimes. How can society justify criminalizing having sex with kids if it doesn't hurt anyone? Many assume that a child will be...
  4. E

    Childrens' Lunch Bill Clears Senate Panel - Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

    Source: When I was at school, I always wondered specifically why in orientations, cafeteria staff always talked about buying healthy yet they serve us junk. I don't get why they aren't just banning junk food like they...
  5. I

    Moms Of Jailed American Hikers Return From Iran -- Without Their Kids

    Iran should release these individuals asap. They are already several months behind schedule - they should have already hiked in Afghanistan, the tribal regions of Pakistan, Gaza, the Favelas in Brazil and then final destination is the summit of Eyjafjallajokull...