1. Ralph47

    New Law - Electric Vehicles Must Make Noise Soon

    Weird! I guess they don't want you to sneak up on anybody. :D While the body of evidence for the accident-preventing benefits of noisy electric vehicles isn’t vast, the federal agency claims models with a “quiet” mode (silent low-speed electric operation) are 19 percent more likely to be...
  2. S

    Tax law may send factories and jobs abroad

    I'm among the proponents of a trade policy described within Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article. The Import Certificate trade policy would have no problem with USA's new tax laws. Respectfully, Supposn Excerpted from...
  3. David

    Maxim #2: Obey the law.

    This Maxim calls on people to obey the laws of the land in which they live. You pay your taxes, you follow the orders of the duly appointed, you respect the culture and you conduct yourself with honor. While you may disagree with a law you find unjust, you challenge it in debate and effect...
  4. David

    Finland debates a UBI law. Passage almost certain.

    To combat the decreased consumer spending resulting from a steady rise in unemployment, the Finish government has proposed a Universal Basic Income (UBI). If the law passes, welfare recipients will receive a monthly tax free paycheck of 550 Euros starting in fiscal year 2016. This would only be...
  5. Protectionist

    Law Needed > To Regulate Pet Insurers & Veterinarians

    Are you a pet owner ? If so, you need to know about this. Currently, veterinarian costs are sky high. To save your dog or cat's life, he/she may need a surgery costing thousands of dollars. You have it on hand to pay the veterinarian upfront ? Under the current "system" if you don't, your...
  6. E

    All Gun Control Laws Are For Law Abiding Citizens And Not Lawless Criminals

    ---Obama wants to find a way to take away our guns from law abiding, gun owning American citizens. All laws for gun control is not to stop lawless criminals from their lawless shooting and murdering episodes. For these criminals will disobey any and every gun control law to do their evil deeds...
  7. chris7375

    Martial Law plan announced for one Arkansas town. Ok so I read this article and I don't get it. They are essentially instating Martial Law for a High crime rate. The population of this city is almost 27,000 people. 1 Murder in 10 years. Certain crimes went up yes but really to do this is...
  8. Anonymous

    A Question of Law

    I am wondering why I cannot find the laws that decriminalized abortion for each state. When the ruling came down from the Supreme Court in 1973 there were 30 states where abortion was totally illegal. It seems no one has ever collected those states laws. Or should I say, no one has presented...
  9. myp

    SCOTUS upholds some parts of Arizona law, throws out others

    Big day on the SCOTUS front today as the court has announced its ruling on the Arizona law and is expected to release a decision on the ACA ("Obamacare") soon also. On the Arizona law, they upheld key components but also threw out some parts...
  10. N

    White man is the law - Judge and Jury It is laughable !!
  11. obtuseobserver

    MN Judge Dismisses Same Sex Marriage Law Suit

    A Hennepin County, MN judge, Mary Dufresne, dismissed a suit seeking to establish a right to same sex marriage in Minnesota. The problem for the plaintiffs is a 1971 Minnesota case that was eventually appealed to the Supeme Court. Baker v Nelson stands for the proposition that prohibitting...
  12. H

    Arizona's new border protection law

    In the news online regarding Arizona's new border protection law, does the ambiguity in section 1070 call for possible racial profiling?
  13. myp

    Obama criticizes proposed Arizona law on immigration

    President Obama criticized a proposed law in Arizona that would make it a crime to be in the state for illegal immigrants and would require authorities to question illegal aliens. Arizona has had a major problem with illegal immigrants crossing over the border and the drug cartel war spillover...
  14. myp

    Massachusetts fights Federal marriage law

    Massachusetts Atorney General Martha Coakley has said that she believes a federal law which defines marriage as a union between a man and woman is unconstitutional and steps over its boundaries into states' rights. She also spoke about discriminative treatment between heterosexual marriages and...
  15. G

    Martial Law: The Last Resort?

    Is putting up a Martial Law is the last resort when the government can't handle anymore what's happening inside a country? I was shocked when I knew that our incumbent president, Pres. Arroyo plans to have a Martial Law in or country to prevent those press people who always criticizes her. But...
  16. O

    Should local and state law enforcement be trained to check immigration status?

    Currently only federal and some state/local agencies check criminals immigration status. I think we need to train all law enforcement to check when somebody is arrested. It is a simple matter of checking a computer database and can greatly reduce the work of ICE.