1. Ralph47

    Moore Still In Lead 10 Days Before Race

  2. myp

    Lead: the reason for crime?

    Fantastic piece looking at some tremendous work that suggest it was lead that led (no pun intended :p) to the drastic crime rise leading up to the 70s and the reduction of lead that has led to the subsequent reduction since. Steven Levitt's abortion theory might take a blow after this given the...
  3. Comet

    Poll: Santorum takes first national lead

    It appears Santorum's impressive three state primary wins a few days ago has benefited him greatly. We will see if this translates into actual success. http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/polls/210101-poll-santorum-takes-lead-nationally-for-first-time
  4. myp

    Poll: Romney lead shortens despite recent wins

    It looks like the Romney campaign can't just sit back just yet as his numbers actually got worse in a recent poll by Reuters perhaps as supporters of opposing candidates decide they would rather have a candidate other than their preferred one over Romney (not sure if that is what is actually...
  5. C

    Herman Cain takes the lead, Whoa

    [COLOR=#0066cc]http://www.washingtontimes.com/blog/wat ... ummets-18/