1. Ralph47

    Student w/Gun At HS My Son Used To Live At

    He lived in a modular home on campus with his wife & kids. Still owns it. PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — A Port St. Lucie High School student is in custody after they were found to have a gun and ammunition at school. The student was taken into custody...
  2. myp

    S. Korea starts live fire drills despite North

    South Korea has started live fire drills on the border despite threats by their Northern neighbor.
  3. AK Gandy

    Why I now live in Florida.

    Any questions? :D At least a warming trend is coming. :o .
  4. N

    Long Live NRA and second amendment ... US will never learn. Another incident.
  5. prasanth5

    Should a spiritual teacher live in solitude?

    This is a question that has no direct answer. Why should a spiritual leader live in solitude. What happens if he lives amongst us? Should we go to him in the deep woods for initiation? What are your opinions?