1. Ralph47

    LOL! Trump Is "Playing" The Media

    He's pretty clever! :giggle: Trump’s media opponents are leaping into his trap. This week, leading wordsmiths at two of the nation’s major newspapers openly propounded the need for the media to work together (also known as “conspire”) to defeat Donald Trump. The age of metropolitan dailies...
  2. Ralph47

    LOL! Trump Defies Gravity; Slips But No Fall

    :D:D:D Washington is debating a different set of laws these days: The laws of physics. Do Newton’s principles affect Donald Trump like other inhabitants of our planet? There is evidence Trump has the power to defy gravity: When this president slips, he doesn’t fall, he floats. It is...
  3. Ralph47

    LOL! Mountain Lion Found Napping Behind Couch

    (Meredith) – An Oregon woman said she found a mountain lion napping behind a sofa in her living room earlier this month, and she has the photos to prove it. Lauren Taylor said the strange encounter happened on July 8 in her Ashland home. The mountain lion likely entered the house through...
  4. Ralph47

    LOL! Kook Bernie Sanders Not Endorsing His Son

    For political office run, that is. :D Bernie Sanders won't endorse own son's US House candidacy | Fox News
  5. Ralph47

    LOL! City Sends Out "Zombie Alert"

    LAKE WORTH, Fla. — When the power went out in Lake Worth early Sunday morning, many residents received a bizarre message from the city. It read, “Power outage and zombie alert for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus.” “Terminus” is a city from the TV show "The Walking Dead." The message...
  6. Ralph47

    LOL! Candidate's Toilet Non-Use "Cans" Him

    Pun intended! :D A Democrat is seeking a seat in the Pennsylvania House again this year after being bounced from last year’s special election for not using his toilet enough. A judge had ruled in 2017 that Frederick Ramirez didn't spend enough time at his home in the 197th District within...
  7. Ralph47

    LOL! Wackadoodle Rosie O'Donnell Really Loses It

    Rosie O'Donnell likely committed a felony by tweeting a (joking?) offer to pay Sens. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Susan Collins (R-ME) $2 million in cash to vote against the tax reform bill...
  8. I

    The land of Punishment LOL

    I read the text. Actually Democratic Socialism sounds to me, most like a backdoor way to say **** you, here's your freedom to run a business... you own a business so don't ask us for any help.. You own a business, you are free to make your own choices, you want capitalism, so here's your...
  9. kingdogol

    Hey there guys, gals and inbetweens, LOL

    Hi there, I'm kingdogol and know there is much going on on this crazy little planet that so many people are oblivious to, it sickens me how society goes around without thinking and how if there were no leaders but rather visionaries like myself we would be in a truly unique world. One where...