1. arcturus88

    the north and south kissed and made up

    you see a lot of manufactured rage by millennial fools who want their civil rights moment. The problem is that already passed. institutional racism is gone and dead. So they tear down statues and protest racism that doesn't exist. Many probably have very little idea of the historic context of...
  2. J

    I made this Satirical Documentary a while back

    It never really caught on, still I'd appreciate it if you guys checked it out: LEAKED: ?The TRUTH Behind Big Bird: The Romney Conspiracy? | The Washington Fancy
  3. David

    Assassination attempt made on leader of Bulgarian Turkish party. Thank god he was an idiot and didn't take the safety off.
  4. chris7375

    State Department found made mistakes over Benghazi.

    The State Dept was found to be at fault for Benghazi. Though not completely at fault but enough of the blame is theirs. The intelligence agency have to shoulder some of the blame. Now was the Homeland Department not created to make sure this exact thing did not happen? I would think if it has...
  5. C

    Man?s urostomy bag damaged during invasive TSA pat-down; made to fly with urine onhim

    HEADLINE: Man?s urostomy bag damaged during invasive TSA pat-down; forced to fly with urine on him OVERVIEW: A cancer survivor had his urostomy bag (for his urine) ripped open during an invasive TSA pat-down; he was then forced to fly with his urine on his clothes.
  6. Delta

    What if I made my own religion?

    So I'm sitting here at 5am studying for an exam and I'm thinking about the University's policy on religious holidays and exams. Basically if a religious holiday falls on an exam day, you can set another day to write the exam. Half-jokingly I thought to myself... what if I made my own religion...