1. Ralph47

    Stock Market Still Rising Post Trump Win II

    The Dow is up over 38% Since election of DJT. :cool: Anyone actually disappointed? :giggle:
  2. Ralph47

    Job Growth Blows Away Estimates; Market Up Huge

    Stocks posted sharp gains Friday, with the tech-heavy Nasdaq hitting a record high, as investors reacted to stronger February job growth than expected. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 440.52 points, or 1.77%, to 25,335.74. The S&P 500 rose 47.60 points, or 1.74%, to 2,786.57. The...
  3. N

    Why did the US stock market crash on Monday?

    ' Why did the US stock market crash on Monday? .
  4. Ralph47

    Wow! Stock Market (Dow) Up 23.8% In One Year!
  5. reedak

    US and EU reject China’s bid for “market economy” status

    1. I found an interesting poll at Adam Bakhtiar‏ @AdamBakhtiarCNA The US rejects China’s request for “market economy” status, giving the world’s largest economy more leeway to slap duties on cheap Chinese exports. Trump also wants China to help it contain...
  6. Ralph47

    Stock Market Still Rising Post Trump Win

    The Dow is now up 33.8% since election day 2016!!! :cool: Wow, my son's company's (Amazon) stock is up 55% this year!!! And he gets 1/2 his pay in company stock, so he's making a fortune! :D
  7. arcturus88

    investing in the stock market

    Anyone here buy and sell stocks? How did you get started? I am recently interested in it but I am also fairly ignorant of it all. I've bought some mutual funds in the past and did ok and but I'm interested in buying and selling realtime. I've been looking at Etrade as a vehicle to invest...
  8. BryanITMS

    If Bernanke Does Not Taper Soon, The Bond Market Will Force Him

    Since yesterdays highly anticipated FOMC meeting the major stock indexes are soaring. As you all know, the Federal Reserve said that they will continue their current $85 billion a month QE-3 program. The current QE-3 program is where the central bank buys $45 billion in mortgage backed...
  9. M

    New Market Strategy of Apple: “Buy Back Your Share”

    Read details:
  10. myp

    Phil Maybin on the Efficient Market Hypothesis and P=NP

    Check out this interesting video based on a paper by Phil Maybin in which he ties together the famous P=NP open problem in computer science to the efficient market hypothesis and comes to the conclusion that markets are only strongly efficient if P=NP: 7iOJZZFDKpc
  11. myp

    An account of the cocoa market: producers, manufacturers, traders, and speculators

    Check out this piece on the cocoa market and how a speculator recently tried to corner the market. It is an excellent read as it covers the major sides of modern commodity markets.,1518,759471,00.html The resiliency of markets and the price...
  12. myp

    Black market cigarette market grows in NY after further increase in taxes

    Amidst cigarette prices increasing to upwards of $12, the black market for cigarettes- loose and by pack has grown in NY state. Smugglers buy cartons from out of state and import them to sell- and they are selling a lot. This of course leaves NY state without revenue and makes their efforts to...
  13. ArghMonkey

    Government intervention in the market (spin-off of climate controversy thread)

    Why not let the market fix it? For the same reason wall street needs to be regulated and its only after the great recession that people in power realize it. If you let people, whos sole motivation is money, try to fix a problem like global climate change, they will fuck it up, let business...
  14. deanhills

    Bleak U.S. job market boosts military recruitment

    There has to be a certain amoung of irony in this. More military recruitment as a result of large unemployment. Ha! That should be a good selling tool for getting more troops for Afghanistan. Source...
  15. O

    Why doesn't the market have confidence in Obama?

    It seems like nearly every time President Obama speaks or a new bill is announced, the markets seem to plummet. There just doesn't seem to be any confidence in him. Do you think it's because hes a new president or because we have never seen an economic situation quite like ours?