1. S

    Catastrophic medical insurance

    Catastrophic medical insurance: Government single payer is THE superior method for providing basic medical insurance. Unfortunately, this concept has not yet entirely been adopted in the USA. [Medicare, Medicare advantage, and Medicare Supplemental insurances are an example of government...
  2. myp

    New Jersey Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana

    New Jersey has voted to legalize medical marijuana use for chronically-ill patients. Governor Corzine supports the measure and is expected to sign the bill into law before his term ends later this month. New Jersey would become the 14th state to legalize medical marijuana. ref...
  3. Rick

    USA Medical System

    I hope this is something Obama sorts. I live in the UK and have ALWAYS wanted to move to the US when I was older to live there however after watching the movie "SICKO" I was put right off. I am so shocked that the USA has such a lack of respect for human life here in the UK we get FREE medical...