1. Ralph47

    Spooky Report Of Military Witnessing UFO!

    I guess they must be real!!! :o:o Be sure to click on full report!
  2. Ralph47

    Cool! New Military Sniper Rifle

    Hopefully we can take out even more Islamic extremist cockroaches!!! :D
  3. Comet

    US military to ease curbs on women in combat roles

    I am pleased to see this happen and am completely in favor of this as long as they do not lower the standards. If they lower the standards, it is a monumentally bad idea and puts lives in danger. If they keep them the same, there should be no problem. What are your thoughts? Are you in...
  4. C

    Military advocates decry ?illegal? early terminations of 157 Air Force majors

    Military advocates decry ?illegal? early terminations of 157 Air Force majors Published: 4:24 PM 11/25/2011 | Updated: 12:19 PM 11/27/2011 Source: rest of story...
  5. C

    Pentagon Warns China's Military Is Growing Rapidly

    [SIZE="3"]Pentagon Warns China's Military Is Growing Rapidly Published August 24, 2011 | Associated Press LINK AND VIDEO: [COLOR="Blue"]WASHINGTON ? Bolstered by the development of a new...
  6. P

    Chinese military rapidly expanding capabilities

    Stealth fighter, aircraft carrier, cyber attacks.
  7. C

    Democrat Jim Moran says US military cannot win the war in Afghanistan

    HEADLINE: Democrat Jim Moran says US military cannot win the war in Afghanistan OVERVIEW: Democrat congressman Jim Moran from Virginia declares that the US military is not capable of winning against some primitive Taliban terrorist hiding in their caves in Afghanistan! LINK...
  8. myp

    Japanese Prime Minister accepts US military base as protests continue

    Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama accepted a proposal that would keep a large American military presence in Japan for years to come. The agreement comes despite campaign promises in which Hatoyama said he would fight to reduce American presence in the country. Thousands have protested the...
  9. myp

    Clinton accuses Iran of becoming a military dictatorship

    Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, made a public statement this week in which she said Iran is becoming a military dictatorship. That coming from a cabinet member is big news. The comment is expected to garner further world support against the current regime in Iran and it will probably make...
  10. ArghMonkey

    U.S. Military Soldiers Are Waking Up!

    dDirPfgtS1s Too obvious, too true, sad more americans refuse to wake up ...
  11. deanhills

    Sept 11 Civilian Hearing vs Military Tribunal?

    It would appear that Obama has finally decided (after lots and lots of dithering) that the hearing of the Sept 11 GITMO detainees will be a civilian one in New York. Families of the victims and also ex Mayor Rudy Giuliani in New York are very upset with this as they feel that it will open up all...
  12. Dirk

    Military Budget

    The US has a huge military budget. Far more than it needs, by any reasonable analyst. I know most of you are capitalists, so i made it into a pretty graph. :rolleyes: By the way, the UK has the second largest military spending in the world. It's all in order of biggest spenders.
  13. deanhills

    Bleak U.S. job market boosts military recruitment

    There has to be a certain amoung of irony in this. More military recruitment as a result of large unemployment. Ha! That should be a good selling tool for getting more troops for Afghanistan. Source...
  14. David

    1st 2 US military personnel KIA in the 'Forgotten War'.

    The Philippine War, started in 2002, has largely been ignored past the initial reports of the military's deployment to the former colony. This all changed when we suffered our 1st 2 KIA casualties, both navy...
  15. deanhills

    TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by Military Missile?

    Flight TWA 800 crashed on 17 July 1996 south of Long Island. US Government says that it happened as a result of a spark that ignited in its fuel tank. Others say that it could have been shot down by a military missile. What do you think? :)...