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    Understanding Actual Money Laundry of Walid Ibn Talal – Saudi Arabia – Mousad Agents

    unfortunately all of us know that Jews and Jews lobby control the world and even European politics and political parties and they build and install via Mousad there agents to destroy the nations anywhere. This person which came from Saudi royal family called Walid Ibn Talal has an profile...
  2. N

    Public control of money creation

    ' Public control of money creation .
  3. N

    Robert Mercer & the Dark Money Behind Trump and Bannon

    ' Robert Mercer & the Dark Money Behind Trump and Bannon .
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    Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Radical Right

    ' Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right I have always wondered when, in this ever-so-gloriously free land, I would ever find anything about the nuts-and-bolts history of who is running the Carnival of Hysteria more-and-more absurdly...
  5. myp

    Get rid of paper money barrier to let the Fed go negative?

    Interesting idea: Quartz #5-->How Subordinating Paper Currency to Electronic Money Can End Recessions and End Inflation
  6. myp

    US documents allege huge money laundering lapses at HSBC

    Lapses in HSBC's review processes might mean billions of dollars were unchecked for laundering. NY state bank regulators are putting pressure on the bank to change that.
  7. theconspirator

    theory of money

    The rich get richer the poor get poorer it so unbalanced:o
  8. P

    Public "schools" SUING states for more money! The leftwing always does this - tries to get from liberal judges what they can't get democratically from state legislatures. Just another example of the growth of the leftwing statist anti-democratic movement in...
  9. myp

    Obama to seek money for school reform

    President Obama is expected to make an announcement tomorrow asking for $1.35 billion to put towards public-school reform. Among the changes that the administration is pushing are performance-linked salaries for teachers and an ease on charter school limits. Full story here...
  10. Dirk

    3 Medals, No Money.

    One in three homeless people in the United States are War Veterans. Discuss implications.
  11. O

    Big 3 asking for more money

    Well, there you have it. Despite all the money we gave them, GM is saying it might need up to $30 billion more. Chrysler is askiing for about $5 more. Oh yeah, did I mention that they are cutting thousands of jobs and even vehicle models? When will people realize thay they are...