1. Ralph47

    50% Of Californians Want To Move Out Soon

    I guess they've grown quite tired of the Liberal buffoonery!!! :( Bay Area exodus? Nearly 50 percent of Californians say they want to move out soon, poll finds | Fox News
  2. arcturus88

    NZ candidate promises brexit/trump move

    So China has a movement against the white left and now New Zealand promises a Brexit / Trumpian shake-up. Winston Peters promises 'political war' |
  3. chris7375

    Former French President Sarkozy to move out of France.

    Well it would seem that Sarkozy is set to move to London. It is said that he is trying to escape higher taxes. Though with all the trouble he has been in it seems more like he is running from the legal trouble he is headed towards and not the taxes...
  4. myp

    EU attempts to move forward with greater fiscal union

    Britain did not accept the most recent proposal. Either way, this will likely not restore confidence and is meant to be more of a long-term solution (band-aid?) to avoid a repeat of what is happening now. That if the Eurozone in its current form even lasts. The ECB is holding strong on not...
  5. myp

    Democrats fail to move up hr 3200 vote

    Some Democrats were trying to move up the HR3200 (the healthcare bill) vote to this week, before the August recess. This was obviously to try to force a quick vote and hope that the bill goes through because as times goes on it continues to get picked apart and they are losing supporters...