1. Ralph47

    Is It Ethical To Manipulate Nature?

    This is a general question, so kindly don't ask for specifics. :D
  2. arcturus88

    The unraveling of nature at the hands of man

    ...or natural cyclical event. I tend to think its a scary aspect of too many people, using too many resources, polluting too much, etc. Survey: 93% of Great Barrier Reef hit by coral bleaching but enough of me, what are your thoughts?
  3. F

    Philosophy can never trump nature.

    sooner or later the laws of nature will assert themselves. And no philosophy or political ideology can ever trump what nature and nature's God dictates.
  4. R

    is there regularity/law in the nature ?

    People often mention about the perfect order of nature which allows us to live. But it did not allow some organisms to survive and living is really hard at some parts of this world due to the climate and natural events. For some people, the nature has no regularity but all life being dragged...
  5. C

    The Nature of the Conservative Mind-Set

    [FONT=&quot]:) If the religious right?s ole almighty Jehovah was a Trekkie and was remaking the world in the image of the Star Trek universe I think that he would most certainly cast the souls of conservatives as Klingons. At least he would if he were casting on the basis of people?s...