1. O

    Toxic Ash from the Woolsey Fire in SoCal?

    Gov. Jerry Brown is dismissing any calls to action and also, trying to dispel fears but the local cancer rates speak for themselves and are through the rough. I live nearby and it burned my nostrils for a couple days every time I stepped outside. Here's a link showing the increased levels of...
  2. Fitz

    Trump-appointed regulators reject plan to rescue coal and nuclear plants

    I seem to recall some months ago a great bruhaha in the papers regarding President Trumps support for the coal industry and one Rick Perry that wanted to support certain cash strapped coal and nuclear plants with guarantees and financial support. From memory there would be some form of support...
  3. reedak

    North Korea's nuclear blackmail

    1. As far back as February 20, 2013, I pointed out "at least 50 years of headache for China, Japan and US" in my thread at a US political forum. (Begin excerpts) South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak said on Friday (15 Feb) that North Korea can never be made to abandon its nuclear weapons...
  4. reedak

    Fallouts from China's impotence towards N Korea's nuclear programme

    In some political media, I came across claims by some people that China is using North Korea as a proxy to fight against the US or using the North Korean nuclear programme as a bargaining tool in its international diplomacy. If the claims are true, China is making a pact with the Devil. What has...
  5. reedak

    North Korea will NEVER fire its nuclear missiles westward and northward?

    China's UN ambassador Liu Jieyi on Monday (Jul 3) warned of "disastrous" consequences if world powers fail to find a way to ease tensions with North Korea which he said could "get out of control". Instead he should have warned of "disastrous" consequences if world powers fail to dismantle North...
  6. reedak

    To be fair, should all nations allow to own nuclear weapons?

    In a political forum, I came across the following argument by a poster who was probably a North Korean. Readers are welcome to refute or support his argument. "WHY? Does the UN punish North Korea..But not Israel,India or Pakistan?, is it the usual double standard? I can have a gun to kill...
  7. tecoyah

    The Nuclear Fallout thread.

    It seems Mr. Trump has pissed off the wrong crowd and is about to get a serious thumping probably ending in his Nixonian removal. Out of the kindness of my heart I wish to provide a place for our local TrumpHumpers to weep in peace. On Wednesday, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler...
  8. kowalskil

    Nuclear Iran?

    Nuclear Iran? I agree with those who think the Iran agreement should be supported, first because nothing better seems to be available, second because I suspect that technological means of supervision (to avoid a global catastrophe), are available in the USA. Here is what I have just posted...
  9. kowalskil

    A New Kind of a Russian Nuclear Reactor

    A New Kind of a Russian Nuclear Reactor Link to my article: reactor Feel free to share it with all who might be interested, especially with students. Ludwik Kowalski, P.D
  10. chris7375

    Iranian Nuclear Site Sabotaged?

    It seems news being leaked out of Iran that a explosion in the Nuclear Plant maybe Sabotage. It seem 240 people may be trapped in the facility.
  11. DodgeFB

    Fire at Penly nuclear reactor in northern France

    Fire crews have been rushed to a nuclear reactor in northern France after an escape of smoke but the energy company EDF says the site is secure. I like nuclear less as time goes on. It is just too much to clean up when something "really" goes...
  12. kowalskil

    Nuclear Cold fusion: 23 Years later

    Nuclear Cold fusion: 23 Years Later Some of you are probably not too young to remember what happened nearly 23 years ago, on March 23, 1989. It was a dramatic announcement of the discovery of the so called Cold Fusion. Some people think that this was the greatest fiasco of the last century...
  13. Comet

    US, Europe eye risky, unprecedented penalty for Iran over pursuit of nuclear weapons

    The White House and possibly Europe are looking to expel Iran from SWIFT, a move that would cripple the country financially. I supported the sanctions on Iran, but remain undecided on whether they should be removed from SWIFT. Regardless, I seriously doubt SWIFT will decide to evict Iran...
  14. Comet

    Iran to make major nuclear announcement within days, Ahmadinejad says

    Curious as to what this news will be and if it is significant or simply posturing to deter Israel from a preemptive strike, as they appear to be preparing for. Read more:
  15. myp

    Who is killing Iran's nuclear scientists?

    David Frum brings up the question on his new blog after 3 scientists have died and raised questions as to whether the US or Israel might be behind the deaths:
  16. R

    To kill Kaddafi is the fastest way to proliferate nuclear weapons!

    Since 2004 Kaddafi has actually defected to the West, compensated all Lockerbie victims? families and genuinely given up all his WMD; he also confessed his nuclear providers North Korea & China; that?s why China didn?t veto UN sanction. When Kaddafi was young, he, like most youth in...
  17. David

    US ends it's nuclear weapons program. We'll be maintaining the nukes not slated for decommissioning by the new reduction treaty we're about to sign but otherwise the program is now kaput. And as for the nukes we're keeping, we'll only use them on...
  18. myp

    United States, Russia to make nuclear weapon cuts

    The United States and Russia have agreed on a new deal to cut a significant portion of each countries nuclear and weapon arsenals. The agreement comes after months of negotiating and includes cutting the long range nuclear arsenals of both countries by about one third. The cuts are still pending...
  19. deanhills

    Obama's Nuclear Speech

    What do you think of Obama's Nuclear Speech in Prague? I was worried by it. I felt that possibly there was too much detail in it that should have been worked through in the United States as a national policy first. Right down to the hosting of a Nuclear Summit. Surely that is news that should be...