1. N

    China-Like Wages Now Part Of U.S. Employment Boom

    President Shameless Liar declares that he will make America great again. This article from Forbes Magazine shows clearly that this is impossible --- as long as capitalism exists in its present form. China-Like Wages Now Part Of U.S. Employment Boom The absolute dictators of modern society...
  2. Protectionist

    INFRASTRUCTURE - Part 2 - California Catastrophe

    The worst infrastructure disaster in America is looming in the delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, about 70 miles northeast of San Francisco. In this area, rich farmlands are protected by hundreds of miles of simple dirt levees. If/whenever an earthquake were to wipe the levees...
  3. E

    Liberal Media Part of The Problem

    The Liberal Media Reporting partiall truths and Distortions is Part of The reason Obama got reelected, Thank God they are no longer the Majority of The Media Liberal Media does not own the Narrative, though they try to convince you they still do those Days are Over. watch Fox Go on Twitter Go...
  4. C

    Why Republicans don?t want to raise taxes as part of ?deal? with Dems

    Why Republicans don?t want to raise taxes as part of ?deal? with Dems Published: 6:13 PM 11/23/2011 | Updated: 12:46 PM 11/25/2011 LINK: Rest of story...
  5. David

    Iran, will they ever learn? Part 2

    Now they just tried to kill the Saudi ambassador.
  6. P

    La Ni?a - the part the lib media didn't tell you

    The big lib media news networks have been speaking darkly about all the weather this year - the tornado that destroyed joplin missouri, the destruction of hurricane irene, not too subtly implying that it's global warming giving america what it deserves for all that terrible stuff like driving...
  7. C

    The Mis-Informant Part 1 - with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman

    Great take down of corporate propaganda A project by Health Care for America Now Starring: Jack Black, America Ferrera and Caitlin Carmichael Project Founder: Gloria Bremer
  8. J

    Political ideology test

    [FONT=Courier New] [FONT=Courier New]1. What is your view of property? [FONT=Courier New] [FONT=Courier New]A. All property should be privately owned so that the greatest economic good can be derived from it in the shortest amount of time possible without restraint. [FONT=Courier New]...