1. Ralph47

    Peace through Strength WORKS!

    Why is is so hard for the Liberal snowflakes to understand this? :rolleyes: 3 Americans detained in North Korea 'in good health' and on their way back to US, Trump says | Fox News
  2. N

    Peace, order and good government

    PEACE, ORDER AND GOOD GOVERNMENT Hmmph....It seems to me that the childish self-absorption and anarchy which has devolved from American "life, liberty and (a supposed) pursuit of happiness" is harmful to both life and the pursuit of happiness --- and even, ultimately, to liberty. I think...
  3. C

    Trump's lawyer has told 4 different stories about the Russia-Ukraine 'peace plan'

    President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was at the center of a bombshell New York Times report published Sunday that said he hand-delivered a "peace plan for Russia and Ukraine" to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn before Flynn was asked to resign...
  4. SlipperyJack

    Syrian Peace Idea

    This is just an idea to solve the number of political problems in Syria. Syria will adopt a multi party system which should hopefully allow for a system of government that will be good for the country. The president of Syria should be a syrian muslim but the 2 vice-president positions...
  5. R

    Cyprus Peace Operation, 1974

    Turkey intervened as a guarantor power on 20 July 1974 in conformity with its treaty rights and obligations. As a result of the Turkish military operations, management of the military oligarchy was destroyed in Greece and Cyprus. But this island was already divided after the civil war, whcih...
  6. David

    Israeli-Palestinian peace has taken a leap forward. Israel has agreed to, of all things, partition Jerusalem. :o I must say, I wasn't expecting this. Thoughts? Israeli refusal to partition the city was the only thing that killed the...
  7. I

    Syria says it is ready for all the possibilities in the absence of peace

    Source: Did Syria have any threats with Israel? Did you people think that policies of Israel are fair for the peaceful world?
  8. myp

    Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Thoughts? Personally, I think it is absurd considering that Obama has only continued Bush's policies in the region. He has not shown any withdrawal plan for Iraq or any of the other nations where our troops are stationed, he has increased...