1. Ralph47

    Cool! Nevada To Use Fentanyl For Death Penalty

    Now that's being creative! :cool:
  2. Protectionist

    NOW is the Time for Britain to Reinstate the Death Penalty

    It has never been more appropriate a time for the UK to reinstate its long-held death penalty (last used in 1964). With the trial of the Muslim fanatic killers of Lee Rigby, this perfectly is why the death penalty is necessary. These 2 dirtbags, with no regard for human life, filled with...
  3. chris7375

    Army Seeks Death Penalty on Soldier. I can't say what was going through the soldiers mind at the time. Do I think he should receive the death penalty.... I would say am honestly conflicted on this. On one hand he killed children and I feel that...
  4. Comet

    US, Europe eye risky, unprecedented penalty for Iran over pursuit of nuclear weapons

    The White House and possibly Europe are looking to expel Iran from SWIFT, a move that would cripple the country financially. I supported the sanctions on Iran, but remain undecided on whether they should be removed from SWIFT. Regardless, I seriously doubt SWIFT will decide to evict Iran...