1. Ralph47

    Favorite Philosophy Thread

    What is your favorite snippet of philosophy? Mine is plain & simple:
  2. Ralph47

    Random Philosophy Thought Thread

    Kindly post random cliche' philosophies you find to be basic truisms. :D I'll go with:
  3. Polydectes

    Spiritual philosophy discussion.

    When I read the following message I was intrigued. Is a theist I often find it hard to empathize with atheists. There was once a time when I believed they were just angry with God. Or that they just didn't want to have any authority over them. However speaking to them honestly and openly I...
  4. F

    Philosophy can never trump nature.

    sooner or later the laws of nature will assert themselves. And no philosophy or political ideology can ever trump what nature and nature's God dictates.
  5. D

    Astrology is Introduction to Philosophy

    Astrology is Introduction to Philosophy Actually, the basic concept of astrology indicates that there is the existence of some unimaginable supernatural force that guides this world. Hence, astrology is an introduction for the philosophy. Without taking this basic reality, you misuse the...
  6. P

    Is this philosophy of mine misguided?

    My claim is simple: people enjoy many arbitrary activities due to their own subconscious baggage which we've aquired as a result of an weird lifestyle, removed from the the aggression of hunter-gatherer society. Probably partially genetics too, but that alone doesn't explain the huge differences...
  7. TortoiseDream

    The Two Foundational Problems In Philosophy

    The statement that these are "foundational problems" is my own characterization. These are two things that have stumped me for years now. I have tried to come up with an understanding of the world from first principles, but these two things always prevent me from doing so in a satisfactory way...
  8. RonPrice

    Apologetics Anyone?

    Since there are so many questions raised and issues discussed concerning people?s basic assumptions about life, about their philosophy, about their religious beliefs, indeed, about their very approach to reality and the way their society goes about organizing things, it seemed like a useful...