1. myp

    Philadelphia places $300 "business privilege tax" on bloggers

    The city of Philadelphia is starting to regulate bloggers, including forcing them to buy a $300/year license to run a blog- even if they make no money off of it. The tax comes from another government that has tons of debt and in my opinion it is completely unjust and against the first amendment...
  2. myp

    Legitimate places to donate for Haiti earthquake

    Amid potential concerns of fake charities stealing donations for the Haiti earthquake, I thought I would share this link to our members and everyone who comes by and reads this forum...
  3. deanhills

    Ban on Smoking in Public Places ... how effective is it?

    The UK has just come up with a study that proves that banning smoking in public places has helped to curb heart disease. Do you think one would be able to evaluate something like that. I would have thought that it could help in a subtle way, but that it has been the overall anti-smoking...