1. Southern Dad

    Predictions on the Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote

    The testimony has been given. The senators have asked their questions. It's now up to the senators on the committee, and the full senate. I am sure that most of us have followed this confirmation, regardless of which side we are on. This poll is not asking what you want to happen nor what...
  2. Ralph47

    Poll: More Hope Kavanaugh Is MORE Conservative

    Than Kennedy was, that is! :cool: A recent poll shows a plurality of Americans want the next Supreme Court justice to be "more conservative" than outgoing Justice Anthony Kennedy. An Economist/YouGov poll highlighted on Hill TV's "What America's Thinking" found that 29 percent said they...
  3. Ralph47

    Prayer Successfulness Poll

    Kindly estimate how successful your prayers have been over the years. You cannot include highly general ones; (extreme) example: you've exhausted all ordinary means of gaining some money (so your car won't be repossessed the next week), you pray and you win the lottery 20 years later. Nor...
  4. Ralph47

    Does God Ever Make Mistakes? (Poll Included)

    Hypothetically speaking, does God ever make mistakes? :unsure: If you say not, how do you reconcile the existence of these examples? (and these are only the worse 13; many others! :() 13. Enver Pasha Death toll: 1.1 million to 2.5 million Years in power: 5 (1913-1918) Worst offense: Armenian...
  5. Ralph47

    Trump 1st Year Successfulness Poll

    Be honest, how successful would you say the 1st year of Trump was, ignoring all the massive amount of non-relevant noise that took place? :unsure:
  6. tecoyah

    Iowa Caucus Prediction Poll.

    Iowa caucus predictions from our membership.
  7. tecoyah

    The four hour poll (fiscal cliff)

    We have four hours left in this fiasco....what do you think will happen ?
  8. myp

    Reuters Poll: Obama leads in veteran vote by up to 7 percent

    This surprised me, then I thought of who he is running against. Obama looks to be the favorite for the veteran vote this November. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/13/us-usa-poll-military-idUSBRE84C02120120513
  9. myp

    Reuters poll: Santorum, Rubio favorites for VP

    I don't think Romney is stupid enough to pick Santorum. At least I hope not. Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/03/us-usa-campaign-vicepresident-idUSBRE84213720120503
  10. Comet

    Poll: Santorum takes first national lead

    It appears Santorum's impressive three state primary wins a few days ago has benefited him greatly. We will see if this translates into actual success. http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/polls/210101-poll-santorum-takes-lead-nationally-for-first-time
  11. myp

    Poll: Romney lead shortens despite recent wins

    It looks like the Romney campaign can't just sit back just yet as his numbers actually got worse in a recent poll by Reuters perhaps as supporters of opposing candidates decide they would rather have a candidate other than their preferred one over Romney (not sure if that is what is actually...
  12. myp

    Reuters Poll: Romney leads Gingrich in Florida

    According to the latest Reuters poll, Romney leads Gingrich in Florida by 12 points. Newt surprised in S. Carolina, but I think it will be harder for him to do it in Florida, especially given how much Romney has spent there. source...
  13. C

    Iowa Poll: Gingrich Leads Paul, Romney

    Iowa Poll: Gingrich Leads Paul, Romney Sunday, 04 Dec 2011 09:09 AM LINK: http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/GingrichSurgesinNewIowaPresidentialPoll/2011/12/03/id/419863?s=al&promo_code=DA4A-1 Complete story...
  14. C

    The Magic Numbers

    Rasmussen: Party Affiliation, November 2011 Republican: 34.3% Democrat: 34.9% Independent/Unaffiliated: 30.8% Those are the magic numbers. With Indies leaning 2 to 1 in favor of the GOP, that's the end of TheBomba!!
  15. C

    Marine Le Pen poll rating shock for French politics

    Marine Le Pen poll rating shock for French politics An opinion poll suggesting far-right leader Marine Le Pen could win the first round of next year's presidential election has caused a shock in France. The survey for Le Parisien newspaper puts the National Front leader, who took over...
  16. C

    Harris Poll: Romney, Ron Paul Best Obama

    Harris Poll: Romney, Ron Paul Best Obama Tuesday, 27 Sep 2011 09:07 AM By Greg MdDonald Mitt Romney stands the best chance among Republican presidential contenders of beating President Barack Obama in next year?s election, according to a new Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday. The...
  17. myp

    2012 Republican Primaries Poll

    Who do you think will with the Republican nomination for 2012? Vote above. We're a political forum, I had to make one of these :p
  18. myp

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain top Tea Party poll for 2012 candidate

    Interesting to see Sarah Palin come in third after Ron Paul and Herman Cain in a poll of the Tea Party Patriots. I am not sure any of the three will actually be able to make it that far, but interesting nonetheless. source...
  19. myp

    Rasmussen: GOP leads Democrats in generic poll 44% to 35%

    A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Democrats once again lost ground to Republicans in the generic ballot poll. The GOP is now up to 44% for, while the Democrats are at 35%- making this one of the largest GOP leads in years. ref...